Lori Hayner will be teaching Progressive Double 2 Step on

Tuesday Nights at the Sons of Hermann Hall.  Progressive

Double 2 step is an easy, smooth country western dance

with fabulous patterns containing spins, turns and arm

movements.  Each Tuesday night, Lori will offer 3 levels

of instruction.  Classes are short 20-25 minute sessions

with 30-40 minutes of social dance time between lessons.  

We have a large, friendly crowd that shows up each Tuesday

so come on out and join the fun!  Lori has made her living

teaching dance for the past 24 years and she will have you floating around the floor in no time!!  All it takes is a desire to learn, some time and lots of  mileage - and, you will have an amazing amount of fun while learning to dance.  

Progressive Double 2-Step Lesson Schedule:

Basics around 7:30

Intermediate around 8:45

Advanced around 9:45

On Tuesday, April 1st, Rob Dixon & the Lost Cowboy Band will be playing the dance music for the social dance sets between classes.  Rob is loved and followed by our dance community - all of his music is danceable!

Progressive Double 2 Step Lessons